Welcome to my new site!

Everything is new around here. I’ll be working on cleaning up and adding new stuff for the next few days.

Allow me to introduce myself… my name is Asher Lake.

I recently wrote a femdom erotic novel named “Dominatrix Boss: A BDSM Femdom Tale.”

That book is the first of many to come and I’ve created this site to speak directly to you.

I’ve created this site so early that the book is not even published yet, but it’s in the process. In fact, I’m waiting for Amazon to post it in their Kindle store, so this is an exciting moment for me.

I’m going to be sharing my process here, answering your questions, and keeping you up on everything that’s happening.

For now, I’d like to encourage you to follow me on Twitter here and Facebook here.

If you’ve read “Dominatrix Boss” please tell me what you think below. I’ll also be glad to answer any questions you have about me or the book.

Thanks for dropping by! There’s much more to come.

– Asher Lake



  1. Troy

    Went to check out this book on Amazon.
    It says “No Image Available” for the Cover, and it doesn’t have the Sampling feature which helps readers see 10% of the book.
    Also your Bio is under the Book Description which is too short, and not under Bio.
    You can fix that from your Amazon Author’s page.
    Just some tips to improve sales.

    1. Post
      Asher Lake

      The “no image available” and sampling feature were all due to Amazon dragging their feet. I contacted them as soon as the book went live, and they fixed both in a few hours. I’m still having problems on Goodreads for some reason. I’m going to try to fix that soon.

      Thank you for your help!

  2. Amazon customer

    I thought your debut novella was perfect. You apparently did what good authors do, research and then add your own innate talent. I look forward to more and I do hope you can avoid the “sophomore jinx”😊! I wish you the best of luck.

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  3. Alan

    I find most Femdom stories the same old stuff
    This is definitely the best Femdom book I have ever read.
    I understand Tim’s feelings for his Goddess and the way he worships and adores her.
    I cant wait to read more of your books.

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